Concentricity Pro

Concentricity measuring tool

Device used for measuring concentricity. The reliability of quality measurements is a key factor in the competitive world of the manufacturing industry. Thanks to its "V" block, the Concentricity Pro eliminates measurement errors inherent in the traditional design of concentricity measuring tools. This device is capable of measuring the concentricity of cylindrical components below 1 micron and is perfectly suited to cutting tools and punches, as well as tools for the automotive, aerospace and semiconductor industries.

Available for tables MA 143-6 and MA 143-8.

N°: MA 143-007-02

  • Diameter of tool body from 1 to 25.4mm.
  • Length of tool body from 28 to 100mm.
  • Mounting plate included.

No variant available for this item



Front and rear V

MA 145-010-04


Extension rail

MA 145-010-05


2D layout

User's manual