Videocad EVO

Comparison and measuring software

  • Freedom of positioning and aligning the part with the drawing.
  • High accuracy with magnifications perfectly adapted to your requirements.
  • Large measuring capacity defined by the travel of the X-Y table (up to 300 mm).
  • Display resolution 0.0001 mm.
  • Real-time digital zoom with automatic adaptation of image and drawing.
  • Digitalisation, display and recording of form deviations.
  • Maximum contrast in incident view due to the sensitivity of the video equipment.
  • Direct access to the functions most used by the keyboard programming.
  • New construction and drawing functions.
  • Digital display of the coordinates of the X-Y table in relation to the reference part.
  • Recording of video images with overlay of the drawing and measurements in: jpg / bmp.

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Control unit - Mini Tower

Control Unit 27"



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