VideoGEN - VideoGENsym

Video software

VideoGEN and VideoGENsym are simple and adapted software for positioning, alignment and precise centering of tools, fittings or engraving.
  • Line generators, fully controllable via keyboard, superimposing 3 pairs of lines (vertical and horizontal) on a quality digital video image.
  • Superimposed lines can be moved freely and completely independently in the desired area.
  • Variant VideoGENsym for special applications, requiring a symmetrical displacement of lines paired with respect to a reference.

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Control unit - Mini Tower

Control Unit 27"



Control unit - All-In-One

Control Unit 24"



Control unit - All-In-One

Control Unit 15"


Flyer (VideoGENsym)

User's manual (VideoGEN)

User's manual (VideoGENsym)

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