M3 / M3E / M3E CNC / M3 FOV

Measuring software

  • The M3 software is the ideal tool for rapid measurements in series with a digital camera and an image analysis system of the latest generation.
  • Easy to use, its development is inspired by the concept of "smart phones" and therefore perfect when equipped with a touch screen.
  • All functions required for 2D and ½ measurements are present. The system can also display height differences in Z. To ensure simple operation, the interface simultaneously displays the overviews or partial views, the results view and the measurement protocol. The control ranges are automatically programmed when the first part is measured.
  • Measurement editing is integrated with clear reports according to DIN or ISO standards. The data can be exported to a network.

  • M3E
  • The M3E software has the same functions as M3.
  • Manages LED illuminators.

  • M3E CNC
  • The M3E CNC software has the same functions as M3.
  • Manages LED illuminators.
  • Manages motorized XYZ axis.

  • M3 FOV
  • The M3 FOV software has the same functions as M3.
  • Works only in the fields of view (without X-Y table).


    Functions and properties

  • Intelligent image processing for geometric 2D measurement
  • Constructions and relations of the measured elements
  • Leveling and alignment function
  • Programing
  • Tolerance examinations per DIN/ISO
  • Multiple coordinate systems
  • Multilingual
  • Data export and graphic output
  • Dimensions registration
  • Image saving with and without the measurement result

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