" Optics has its laws,
                             The customer imperatives,
                                                Marcel Aubert solutions "
10 reasons to choose us:
  • quality: our products are developed, machined, assembled and tested in house
  • reliability: simple concepts for complex problems
  • expertise: our specialists, fieldworkers, have already had to solve challenges in a multitude of fields
  • adaptability: our technicians offer customer-specific solutions
  • flexibility: we also intervene on competing products or considered as obsolete
  • experience: more than 70 years of innovation in the field of measurement
  • scalability: a microscope can easily evolve into a video system
  • durability: thanks to a very large stock, we can guarantee a maximum lifetime
  • after sales service: our technicians work on site at your earliest convenience
  • maintenance: possibility of establishing a contract guaranteeing the calibration and regular maintenance of our products
An optical measurement solution is an instrument that answers a number of questions to which we respond

Optical questions, for example:

  • magnification factor
  • visual field
  • working distance

Mechanical questions such as:

  • precision
  • stability
  • obstruction
  • material

Functional questions in particular:

  • comprehension
  • deadlines
  • environment

Lighting questions including:

  • contrast
  • uniformity
  • adaptation to the part
  • power

Electronic questions:

  • choice
  • simplification
  • selection
  • adaptation to the measurement

Integration questions first and foremost:

  • design
  • process
  • partnership
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