Optimum GL 150

Video measuring system

Thanks to its three motorized XYZ axis, this versatile machine allows a systematic control of the parts using the programming of the displacements and this on different visual fields. This enclosed version includes a separate control panel allowing for a personalized location.

N°: MA 185-305


  • Granit base.
  • Manual X-Y table MA 145-15, range 150 x 70mm.

    Mechanical precision 0.003mm / 100mm.

    Heidenhain measuring scales (Display resolution: 0.001mm.

  • Manual precision column, range 140mm.

    Mechanical precision 0.020mm / 100mm.

    Optional Heidenhain measuring scales.

  • 3 optical choices (see table below).
  • 27" screen.
  • LED illuminators.
  • Computer with monitor.
  • Measuring and comparison software.
  • Glass chromium deposit calibration ruler.
  • Dimensions (WxDxH): 520x620x780mm.
  • Weight: 108kg.


Optical choice 1

adapter 0.67X

OptiVID "zoom 12X"



Optical choice 2

adapter 1.00X

OptiVID "zoom 12X"



Optical choice 3

4 lenses on small motorized zoom

OptiVID "telecentric"



Comparison software, measurement

with machine axis management




Measuring software




Accessories and options for

150x70mm manual table



2D layout

User's manual (system)

User's manual (optics)

User's Manual (illuminators)